Welcome to Podsystem Solutions

We develop custom, versatile solutions centered on end-to-end management of connected devices

Welcome to Podsystem Solutions

We develop custom, versatile solutions centred on end-to-end management of connected devices.

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What can Podsystem Solutions offer you?

Podsystem Solutions innovates to provide simple solutions for complicated connectivity problems.

We develop custom solutions centered on end-to-end connectivity management for the Enterprise and Service Provider community. More than 50% of our staff are dedicated developers, network engineers and IT specialists working full time on R&D in the connectivity space.

As experts in building solutions involving connected devices, whether from an Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), Enterprise or Service Provider perspective, we can help you resolve complex and often unexpected technical issues, helping you to speed up time to market.

What sets us apart

R&D + Innovation icon

R&D + Innovation

With our focus on R&D and Innovation we create new ways to deliver end to end connectivity solutions.

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Customised Platforms & software

We develop customised platforms and software that allow the user to have complete control over device connectivity.

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Simple Solutions

Whatever your problem, our experts have the experience and know how to provide a clear and simple solution.

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We want to help make your project a reality by solving the complex problems that often cause barriers to market. Fill in our online form and tell us what you want to achieve. We will get back to you the same day to start planning how we can build customized solutions for your business.
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